convegno consob_providenti_carbonetti

Curated by Francesca De Giacomi Clearer documents in line with EU best practice among objectives of COMI Guidelines on public offering and listing prospectuses. Background and scope In a press release last July 26, 2023, Consob announced the issuance by the Committee of Market Operators and Investors (“COMI”) of the new Guidelines for Simplifying Prospectuses, […]


Ingresso Associate Carbonetti e Associati

A law firm with strong roots and constantly committed to overcoming the challenges of today and planning for those of tomorrow, starting with its investment in capable and outstanding professionals. This is the approach shared by Fabrizio Carbonetti, now leading the law firm. Proof of this is a charge in new associates who have landed […]

Listed companies and the 2023 assembly season: designated representative. What is the future after the Decree Milleproroghe 2023? From the Capital DDL a first signal.

rappresentante designato_carbonetti e associati

Curated by Francesca De Giacomi The further extension of the rules originally introduced by Decree Law 18/2020 (“Cura Italia”) sees a wide use by listed companies of the figure of the “designated representative” as the exclusive mode of intervention in the Shareholders’ Meeting; new developments coming as a result of the Capital Bill. Decree-Law No. […]

Al fianco di Banca Finnat Euramerica nell’OPA promossa da P.N. 1898

Carbonetti e Associati al fianco di Banca Finnat Euramerica

Lo Studio Legale Carbonetti e Associati ha assistito Banca Finnat Euramerica S.p.A. nell’ambito degli adempimenti relativi all’offerta pubblica di acquisto obbligatoria promossa da P.N. 1898 S.r.l. e, in particolare, nella predisposizione del comunicato dell’emittente. Il team è stato guidato dai partner Salvatore Providenti e Rocco Santarelli, con l’associate Francesca De Giacomi e il trainee Davide Machiorlatti. L’OPA si è conclusa con successo in quanto, al termine del periodo d’offerta […]