Carbonetti e Associati is a professional association, governed by the Articles of Association .

The Shareholders’ Meeting is the sovereign body, which, among other questions, passes resolutions on strategic decisions and composition of the membership and also approves the financial statements and budget.

The Law Firm is managed by a Managing Partner appointed by and among the Partners and who hold the office for a three years period. He is supported by the Staff, the head of the Secretariat and an organisational – administrative – financial consultant (the “General Consultant”).

The Shareholders’ Meeting also appoints a Recruitment and Remuneration Committee among its Partners, which is an advisory body on the following topics: appointment of new partners, exclusion of a partner, hiring of new professionals, termination of collaboration with a professional, drafting of policies on profits distribution and remuneration. The Committee also formulates the annual proposals for the revision of professionals’ remuneration. The Committee remains in office until revocation and is composed of three Partners, including the Managing Partner.

To comply with the guidelines of the new Articles of Association, Carbonetti e Associati has recently invested in new professional figures experienced in administration and management, communication and information systems.

This governance structure is supported by cutting-edge management, information and IT security systems.