Italia Oggi – “Specialisations, for lawyers, competence is the watershed” – Fabrizio Carbonetti interviewed for the Legal Affairs supplement


The Ministry of Justice has recently launched guidelines for the training of new lawyers seeking specialization. There are thirty-six possible biennial qualification itineraries, grouped into three macro-categories: civil, criminal and administrative.

How does the profession change as a result of this provision? Journalist Antonio Ranalli addresses the conversation through several interviews with industry professionals in the new article for Italia Oggi.

Among those interviewed, our Managing Partner Fabrizio Carbonetti, who believes that this reform will not have a substantial impact on the legal services offered to institutional clients. He comments: “As regards to the sectors in which we operate, such as banking, financial and insurance regulation, corporate, M&A, business crisis and administrative law, I foresee that the implementation of the legislation on specializations will have no impact, if not purely bureaucratic and if anything a hindrance to the fluidity of the work.”

“The new legislation”, he continues, “(…) will perhaps be useful for those customers who look for a lawyer in the telephone directory.” A critical judgement, which derives from the consideration that the legal services market in Italy is mostly inadequate and the result of a cultural approach of most lawyers and, above all, of forensic institutions, not in step with the times.

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