Covid-19: full Customer Assistance


Throughout COVID- 19 pandemic, our Law Firm has been providing legal services as usual.

The epidemic was a testing ground for our IT infrastructure, new management system and modern work organization methods, resulting out of our still ongoing technology innovation project.

We were ready to face these difficult times with ease. Even by working from home, our professional staff have been able to meet our clients’ requests in time and as accurately as our Law Firm has always been recognized to do.

A proven and safe videoconferencing infrastructure further allows us to organize meetings and keep daily contacts with our clients.

As far as litigations are concerned, in order to ensure the highest service standards and avoid delays, we decided to keep the original procedural deadlines, as if they had not been cancelled, and we are ready to attend hearings remotely.

In this particular time, more than ever, we wish to confirm that we are a serious, reliable and modern partner for both our clients and staff.