Simone De Filippi: Administrative and Financial Manager


Simone De Filippi has worked as a financial manager with leading Italian industrial companies and law firms for over 15-years.  In 2012, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Portolano Cavallo. In 2017, he became Finance Manager with Legance – Avvocati Associati, where he was specifically tasked with administrative staff reorganization, internal processes, and information technology development and upgrading.

In 2019 we celebrated our law firm’s first thirty years and we are getting ready to approach 2020 with a new attitude”, states Fabrizio Carbonetti, one of the founding members of Carbonetti e Associati Law Firm.  “Hiring Simone is part of our near-future plan to keep strengthening our finance, internal controls, administration, and IT departments, with an eco-friendly attitude”.

Hence, Carbonetti e Associati Law Firm ends 2019 and begins 2020 with an internal organization which is better fit to follow a more entrepreneurial approach. By following up on this vision, new professionals  – spear-headed by Simone – have been hired who will be collaborating with our lawyers to further strengthen our current position.