On 8-9 July 2019, a major fintech event was held in Central London, whereby multi-nationals, innovation firms, disruptive start-ups, governments, regulatory authorities, media and investors gathered to discuss the latest trends and opportunities as well as the future challenges.

Carbonetti e Associati was there and here are the key themes we found interesting.

Blockchain is here to stay – It certainly represents the “hottest” fintech topic at the moment and will certainly remain so in the medium-long term.

Asset tokenization: on the verge of a new financial revolution? – Asset tokenization refers to the innovative process of issuing tokens which digitally represent a real tradable asset. Lawyers and regulators are expected to develop innovative solutions to make it work.

Regulation: a sandbox is better than none – The existence of a “sandbox” has been named among the determining factors for start-ups when choosing the country to start a business in.

Cryptocurrencies, the (so far) dark side of the fintech market – bitcoin remains one of the most discussed fintech-related topics, many of the regulatory concerns are focused on their use in illegal trade.

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